“Hahahah aww do you have the video to sonny doing that heart? He seems drunk. Very cute :3”

This video right here. Sonny’s blatantly hekka drunk, which is awesome. I love drunken Sonny and his stupid tweets and stumbles. Such a foking queue tea pi.

“Is 147 from like a video? And if so, which one? o__o”

Indeed it is, here is a link to the full 1 hour long preview of the RE:generation documentary, which is where the song Breakn’ a Sweat by Skrillex and members of the Doors came from. If you haven’t watched the preview, or if you don’t know about the documentary I would highly recommend watching this video. It looks like it’s going to be pretty great, plus the video for Breakn’ a Sweat at the end is amazing.

If you just want to see the particular moment mentioned in #147 here’s a link for that. You don’t need to skip anything, it’s the first thing they talk about.

RAAAAAAAAAAAUHGGHHH, y’got five." …omg this still cracks me up.

“Do you have any info on sonny's lip tattoo? Like.. I'm a new fan but I saw in a couple bios that he has a tattoo in his lip that says skrillex but I can't find anything to confirm that and I'm trying to find out if its legit or not”

It definitely happened. Lip tattoos can fade incredibly quickly, though. I have a friend who’s had to get his re-done 4 times in 3 years. The mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the body, so there’s a good chance if you met Sonny and asked to see the tattoo, it’d be almost illegible or completely gone. But it definitely happened.

“I think you know more about Skrillex than anyone else on Tumblr.”

Awk, well thank you! I think…

I mean, I guess I know a lot about him. But that’s only because I’ve grown up under his influence for almost 8 years. I’m pretty sure there are other people on Tumblr who know just as much about Sonny as I do c: if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started this blog, it’s that there is always someone who loves Skrilly just as much as you do. I guess he’s just too damn lovable!

Honestly though, I’m kind of proud to be able to answer you guys’ questions about Sonny. I hate the feeling of wanting to know something about him but not being able to find the information anywhere, and it’s an honor to be the person so many people approach to find out more.

“So if Skrillex isn't just dubstep, when asked what genre he is, what should we respond with? He's an electric dance DJ? Is that appropriate? What even IS dubstep then?”

Oh man, where to begin. First up, Skrillex is a producer, not a DJ. The easiest way to summarize Sonny’s music, in my opinion, is to refer to him as an electronic music producer. He really does dabble in all areas of EDM. On the bio section of his official website he insists “Genre has never been important to me, I’ve never thought about music that way.”

Honestly, I think his music kind of defies a specific genre, it’s kind of a waste of time trying to sort him into one particular category. I personally think people should spend more time just enjoying the music, instead of trying to force it into a genre or label.

As for what dubstep IS, it’s an EDM genre that first emerged in South London in the late eighties, early nineties. Benga, Caspa and Skream are three examples of real dubstep artists.

Hope this answered your question!

“Does Skrillex wear like 3 different glasses or something? :P”

Oh man, he has a few of pairs of glasses. I’m pretty sure he’s lost a pair and broken a pair, at least. I’m not entirely sure though. I’m sorry anon, I really should know the collective history of Sonny’s glasses. I’m kind of ashamed of myself. Here are a few different pairs just for your own entertainment though!

I think all of his glasses are made by Sabre.

“How does Sonny manage to be SO cute?”

How? Like so;


Sonny Moore in a nutshell.

Sonny Moore in a nutshell.

If you haven’t seen the video of Joel prank calling Sonny yet, click here. It’s pretty hilarious, Sonny’s so gullible c:

If you haven’t seen the video of Joel prank calling Sonny yet, click here. It’s pretty hilarious, Sonny’s so gullible c:

Drunken realization.

This song makes me cry.

It’s so so sad, both because I can relate to every word Sonny’s singing, and also because Sonny is the most perfect individual ever created and therefore he should never in his life be made to feel these emotions.

Tears everywhere.

  • Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
  • Me: Skrillex sent me.

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