“What's on 4/20?”

It’s an international excuse for everyone to stay in their underwear all day, get stoned and eat EVERYTHING

“What rare Skrillex event would you prefer to see: Skrillex with no shirt or Skrillex doing a fully clothed booty poppin' dance? This is a serious question. I need to know.”

Uhh. I guess with his shirt off? Just because I haven’t seen that since he was in From First to Last, and even then it wasn’t actually shirtless really. So yeah, that one.

“you should really put a logo on the stuff you post or something, man. too many people stealing the pictures that you make.”

I knowww, it used to annoy me so fucking much, but hey! Stealing my pictures ended up with something I made as Sonny’s Facebook cover, so I CANNOT complain! I’ve got over 2500 followers, so I’m incredibly thankful. All that matters is that people like the stuff I make, and the more they spread it, the more people will find out what an AMAZING GUY Sonny is! c:

“How do you know that Sonny's mommy is Mexican?”

I’ve been on her Facebook, woo. His papa has Mexican lineage too, so Sonny’s more than half Mexican, ese.

“skrillex is not mexican! theres no solid proof...”

Other than the fact that the woman who BIRTHED him was a Mexican, you’re right. None at all.

“Just wondering but do you know what nationality/ethnicity Sonny is? He just has a very unique face. .”

He’s mexican c;

“Probably a stupid question, but where does the name Skrillex come from?”

Sonny used to use the name “Skrillex” online, he had it tattooed on his bottom lip at one point, then he started producing music under it.

“What name had Sonny before he called himseld 'Skrillex' ?”

…Sonny Moore? He’s used the names Twipz and “Sonny and the Blood Monkeys” before, though.

“So this may be a bit odd, but I had a dream with you in it. Ellie had broken up with Sonny and he needed cheering up so Roadhog showed him this blog and he started talking to you and you two hit it off and started dating and when you finally met in person you were all lovin' and cuddly and stuff. Then the dream got kinda... dirty. Right, but now I ship you and Sonny. <3 If he and Ellie don't work out at least.”

Oh my God. Okay, this is probably one of the most entertaining messages I think I’ve ever gotten on this blog. What’s the ship name?


“Is that Sonny singing in Voltage? Also do you know when he will officially release it?”

Yes, that’s Sonny’s voice.

The album’s release date is still unconfirmed. It was supposed to come out before the end of last year, so sometime really fokin’ soon I hope!

Sonny always said he’d never throw an album together and release it just because he could. He takes time and makes them perfect before he releases them.

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