“Chillin' in Kyoto Grand, with my man Skrill.... :3”

Chain smokin’ nicotine, say fuck a fast deal, we got dat white gurl so we make those Skrill checks, fuck a white girl, talk ill neck karate chop her grill, bitch I kill, born from the center of a storm, all the boys flappin’ gums about how they hard, bitch I’m harder, martyr to the swag on the corner, beat your girl up with the drums as the

“What was the first Skrillex song you heard? And how long have you been listening to his music?”

First track by Skrillex I ever heard was Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites but I’ve been listening to the music Sonny’s been making since I was 13 years old, so for almost 9 years.

“Are you a guy?”



“Oh god why are you so gorgeous? I can't ship you and sonny because you guys would fight over who's prettiest ; - ;”

;-; thank you omg. Sonny would win any and every argument ever, tho, because he’s so pure, unadulterated adorable.

“Can you post your icon?”

Umm. For sure! Just, please don’t use this image for anything.

“I think they meant Sonny's style in general, not his music style.”

Oh, in that case, pfffft~ dat boy ain’t got no style mudda fuqa. I guess if I had to give it a name, I’d call it “All Black Everything”. Haha.

“How would you "classify" Sonny's style? I mean I know he is his own person, but I was just wondering what type he is most like? Alternative maybe?”

I call it Electronic Dance Music, because you can categorize every song he’s ever made as Skrillex under that label, it’s a generalization but not pigeon holing him into a specific genre.

I definitely wouldn’t call his music Alternative.

“So whats the story with the aliens? Does Skrillex hate them or love them? Is he scared of them or what?”

Aliens are pretty much Sonny’s favorite thing ever, you know, as well as making awesome music and partying all the time. You should check up on his twitter sometimes. He never shuts up about aliens on there c:

“If you had 5 minutes With Skrillex What would you do?”

I’d show him my tattoo, ask to trade glasses for a second, take a picture of us using his hair as a mustache, then ask him if he wanted to smoke a joint.

Getting stoned with Skrillex is one of my goals in life, I’m not even kidding.

“What do you do for a living?”

I sell propane and propane accessories.

“Does it ever make you sort of sad that Sonny smokes? It makes me sort of upset sometimes to think that he's damaging himself for the last ~10 years :( but he does what he likes, and I don't object or anything c:”

Pfft, I’ve smoked since I was like 13 or 14. He’s an adult and I think he should be left alone to make his own smoking, drinking and dating decisions without being berated by his fans.

I don’t know, recently I’ve realized, with it coming out that Sonny is dating Ellie Goulding and that he smokes weed, some people in the fandom seem to have this image of an adorable little cartoon Skrillex jumping around in their head playing with balls of wool and dancing on clouds and asking where babies come from, and they don’t want to be made to think anything else of him.

The fact of the matter is that Sonny is a 24 year old man and of course he’s experimented with drugs, with drinking and with sex. I think it’s a little sad that there are people who refuse to accept that he’s with Ellie, people who insult her because they don’t want him to be with her.

I’m so proud of Sonny, of who he is, what he’s made of himself and how he’s stayed so true to himself and so grounded over the incredible journey of his career. There are far worse things he could be doing than smoking weed and having sex, just sayin’.

“:( but really what IS 4/20?”

I’m not lying!
It started with a group of school kids in California who’d meet up after school everyday to smoke weed at 4:20pm, and now people spark up at 4:20. It’s just cannabis culture.

Every year on the 20th of April, i.e. 4/20, people all over the world dedicate the day to smoking weed and getting so stoned they can’t get out of the chair where they’re sitting watching shitty TV and eating their weight in potato chips.

Idk what this has to do with Skrillex tho…

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